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Sarıtaş Mermer
About Us
Sarıtaş Marble has carried out many elite projects such as exterior mechanical system applications, fireplaces, jambs, barbecue and interior designs in its sector. It provides superior services with its technical office trained in producing projects and solutions with the principle of quality and time. Keeping its line in production quality since its establishment, Sarıtaş produces and applies natural stone in its own quarries.


Our company was established in 2005 to cut the travertine extracted in Sarıhıdır, a village of Ürgüp district. During this period, we made a new and different start in the natural stone industry.

Significant Steps in a Short Amount of Time

Our company, which was established in 350 m2 closed and 5000 m2 open area, started its commercial life with a 4-legged ST, a sizing machine, a 30-ton crane and a 3-ton forklift. Our company, which made contract cutting of travertine until 2008, also operated in the field of natural stone (tuff) extracted in our region. Besides, a sizing machine and a side cutting machine were added to our factory.

In a few years, we expanded our machine park by adding three licensed furnaces, a 4-legged ST, three sizing machines, two polishing machines, a 3-ton forklift. We have increased our closed area capacity to 1500 m2 and our open area capacity to 15000 m2. Our company has managed to name itself in many cities of our country with its fast, flawless and quality production, experienced staff, and professional applications.

2016 And After

We aim to provide our customers with quality, trust, real business understanding and above all, a smooth service. With continuous improvement that is among our principles; thanks to the developing technology, we are trying to ensure that the materials we produce by using all the positive new developments and techniques on the products are more effective, accessible and cost-effective, and their functionality is reflected in larger areas.

Our Guarantee Policy

Maintenance, repair and service of the projects undertaken by our company are lifelong.

*Except for concrete and usage errors caused by natural disasters and construction sites, it is generally guaranteed for five years on the ground and ten years on wall coverings.

Our Basic Principles

We pay attention to the importance of timing; we act loyal to the work's duration to be done and in accordance with the agreement.

Believes that our customers are our most prominent reference,

We never make a promise for a job we cannot do.

It ensures that everyone who produces under the same roof works in equal conditions.

We ensure the long-term use of our work by our customers and ensure the continuity of this harmony,

It predicts that the work we do will create competition not with the price but with the work quality.

In factory delivery projects, we manufacture according to the given project and deliver the product in a packaged form suitable for transportation without damage.

Contact us for more detailed information and offers about our company and our work.
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Contact us for more detailed information and offers about our company and our work.